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comecomehatake in konoha_ooc


Yo. Hatake Kakashi the Copy-nin at your service. I'm open for RPing with anyone (especially fighting a few of you *cocky grin*), even if Kakashi has never interacted with your character in the manga or anime before. Just drop me a line or IM me via AIM @ pichugophwee (it's...a really old...really old screen name XD).

Can't wait :)


Hi. I'm Tessa, and I play Matsuri.
I will be annoying you the next time I see you on aim... that is if you don't mind...

:D and welcome!
:o You mean the filler girl that's uber-cute-adorable-omgiwanttosqueezeher? *_*

Hey :D

(you get the maskless Kakashi icon just for that XD)
=/ lol so you have come. welcome.
OOC: *gasp!* :o Whoring your journal in another comm~Good boy~ *pets* ^___^ (and I found Sakura's 'adventure gear.' *points to avatar* *grins* :3)

IC: ...*nods slightly to the Kazekage in acknowledgement and respect*
ooc: of course I'm whoring this comm.

IC: what is this 'whoring' you speak of? *bows lightly in return*

*pulls out Icha Icha Violence and a pair of sophistocated-looking reading glasses* Well you see, if you open up to page 56, it gives an argumentative explanantion of the definition of this term 'whoring.'
YAYS~! A Kakashi. XD

I play Ino, Kankuro and Kiba. :3 Welcome to the RPG.
*Blinks* Wow...that's a lot O_O. Hopefully I'll be able to RP with at least one of them ^^;
Alright-finally a Kakashi-sensei! XD

Uzumaki Naruto here, welcoming you in and hoping you'll stick around-while not being late! (knows the last one is unavoidable but has to ask)
But I told you, I came across a black cat, so I couldn't take that path and went with the detour! :o
Hello hello.

Katherin playing OC ANBU Soujiro Akemmi here. *bows* Pleasure.
(OOC: ANBU! YAY! *_* I still feel that Kakashi is capable of handling ANBU-class missions [he's not that old yet X3], so maybe we can go on a quick mission together at one point :))
That sounds like fun. A mission with copy-nin Kakashi, hmm... *muses*
Heys! I'm Genevieve, and I play the two OCs Yukiji and Kotone!
Pleased ta meetcha!
:) Awesome and nice to meet you too. We'll definitely have to RP at some point in time ^_^

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