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Recruitment & Booting

Alrighty then. As you all may know, I recently posted up the revised list of characters who require confirmation and such. I have noticed that several of the aforementioned players have not gotten back to me to let me know whether or not they still wish to play these characters. As such I am making the following announcement.

If the characters are not confirmed in two weeks' time they will be taken off the list and removed from the community. This isn't because I'm a dick. It's to be fair to other people who want to join the comm but can't play as the characters they want because they're taken by completely inactive people.

So please do confirm by then.

And the second item is, I happen to be the main MOD handling things. And on top of college work and other retarded happenings, it does get to be a bit much sometimes. So I'm looking for a maximum of two more people to join the MOD team and help. First, the requirements:

- ACTIVITY, this means you must be able to chack the community at least 4 days out of 7

- Ettiquette, basically for everyone, but as a MOD you don't make a decision without checking with the other MODs. IE: Accepting an account to either community.

- Basic grasp of the English language and grammar. You don't have to be a maniac who knows all about predicates and all that. But knowing right sentence structure is always good.

So that's all the requirements I can come up with right now. I'll add a few minor ones as I see fit but those are the major ones. And the job description includes:

- Assisting any player who needs help in any way. Be it emotional support, character development, inproving RP skills and such. First and foremost we're a family.

- Periodically checking both applications threads and updating the character list. However, if anyone else takes up this post, we will need the consent of two MODs at least before accepting anyone into the community. This is to keep quality standards up.

- Ensuring memebers are civil to each other and enforcing penalties if they aren't. Shouldn't be too much of a prob;em. We're all nice people here.

- And lastly, but most inportantly: KEEPING THE COMMUNITY ALIVE. That means PLAYING.

Okay that's all for now. If there's anything you don't understand, please do contact me and I'll do my best to clarify.



I won't be able to do this so I'm sorry but I have to resign. I wish I could continue but my whole life turned upside down and I need to just, I don't know. Friends getting arrested, addictions, drugs.. It all came into play and I can't find a way aroudn so I'm sorry.. I really, really am but I cannot stay.
Your characters are on hiatus. I'll open the spot for temps. But when you want to come back your spot will be open.
I doubt I'll be able to the way things are going..
Random offer here

Do you want an updated friends add thing for the community to make adding all the player journals and coms easy? I'll update the one I did back when I had to add everyone for this journal if you want.

Also, something other games I've been on have benefited from is a table where things are listed like this (pretend this is a real table but I'm too tired for HTML tonight:

|Character | Mun | AIM | Journal |
| Shino | Alex | SCribblesITM | |

Cause if you want I could write that up monday or tuesday and keep it updated for you. I have pretty examples if you want, but it makes it easier to know how is who and for threads to be organized and what not.

Sorry if this babbles, pretty much typing while asleep.

February 2008

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