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neji_caged_bird in konoha_ooc


Okay all, here's the situation. Most of our original members are gone or inactive. One is banned from the PC, one hates my for personal reasons, and the other seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Only Yuki-mun and I seem to be free, in a manner of speaking. I haven't heard a thing from any of the new players, so I don't know what's going on. And no one's posted or replied to any threads in a long time.

Honestly, I've been busy with RL issues and drama and all but I think the real problem is that I can't run this comm alone. It's draining trying to keep up with everything, and it's disheartening trying to get people to post and keep playing all the time. I love this comm, it helped me through a lot. And if possile I don't want it to die. But, we have to face facts here, people. It looks like we've lost the fire. Everyone's wrapped up in their own lives, RL take priority, I know.

So I have to propose this to you. And I'll ask you guys this.

Do we want this comm to stay alive?

Or do we want to mutually decide that it would be better to let it lay and die?

I can't keep us alive single-handed. I need everyone who still checks the journal to reply to this post and let me know your answers so we can know how to move forward.



actually I've thought about it somemore and I've decided to drop Gaara and Sasori here... I am very sorry to those who I started a thread with..but I just feel there is nothing for Gaara here. =/ again, truly sorry and if anyone wants to rp or talk or whatever you know my AIM.

thanks everyone, and have fun ^^;
Awww. D;. You'll still talk to me on AIM right?


February 2008

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