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This is an OOC Community for konoha_rpg, please go here for more details pretaining to community rules and applications.

This journal is for mostly if you want to introduce yourselves or if you might leave for awhile and want to let everyone know.
Or if you want to post random things abour Naruto in here, like spoilers (though please put them under an lj-cut) or just random things. Mostly just for members of konoha_rpg to state opinions and crap out of character. (^^;)

This is not just some random Naruto community where you can post crap. You may take part in the discussions but you may not join and try to post if you are not already a member at konoha_rpg. That's it. And if you flame any of my members you will die, I'll feed you to Oroichmaru Snake Master there and you don't want that. No.
K Thnx Bi